One-On-One Service
Plan, track, and execute securities transactions in markets around the world, using a broad array of equity and debt instruments.

At Empire Asset Management, you can benefit from the same high level of investment ideas and research available at the largest brokerage houses, combined with the personal attention of a smaller, more client-focused investment firm.

We provide every client with the one-on-one service of a personal Empire financial advisor who will suggest investment ideas, respond promptly to your needs, questions, and instructions, and report on how your account is doing. Your financial advisor can also assist you with services like these:

  • Access to the latest research and commentary on stocks, bonds, funds, and options

  • Opportunities in private equity or capital markets

  • Tax-advantage investments

  • Retirement planning strategies

As an independent brokerage firm, we are not beholden to any fund family or investment bank. The ideas and suggestions we offer are product- and firm-agnostic, chosen with each client’s objectives and interests in mind.

But to us, good service is more than just professional investment-picking. As the past several years have shown, one of the key advantages of a full-service brokerage firm is having someone to guide you through market turbulence, helping you make good decisions and avoid bad ones. At Empire, we’re all about building relationships—not just portfolios.

To find out more about our brokerage services, please contact us.

Extensive Research And Analysis
Our goal is to build long-term relationships by delivering attentive service along with experience, insight and market knowledge.

We bring our institutional investors a penetrating understanding of the markets, in-depth securities research and analysis, and a track record of exceptional service.


Our seasoned sales team is comprised of industry veterans with extensive research and analysis experience. In reports and recommendations, we provide our clients with fundamental and technical profiles of growth companies throughout North America and Europe.


Our traders are exceptionally proficient in trading patterns of the growth stocks that are our specialty. We focus on individual industry sectors, which allow us to develop a deep knowledge of the companies and their markets. We execute on all major exchanges, and offer our institutional clients a robust suite of algorithmic trading.

At Empire, our goal is to build long-term relationships by delivering attentive service along with experience, insight and market knowledge. To learn more about our institutional services, please contact us.